Shopper Perks

VWW Shopper Perks Teaser

Shopper Perks -
Personalised Offers Delivered at the Right Time and Place

Introducing our newest addition, the Shopper Perks app, part of our technology marketplace. It serves your customers with bespoke offers based on their real-time location. The app delivers content tailored to each of your customer's preferences, with an integrated map for easy wayfinding and proposed itineraries based on their visit.

Used with Darius® Intelligence and unlock the power of data-driven precision marketing and deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Over two-thirds (69%) of respondents who had noticed price increases wanted their favourite companies to offer more discounts as a reaction to rising costs. However, to help build and maintain a loyal customer base, businesses should consider when, how, and to whom they offer discounts.

We believe that shoppers who visit your centre deserve to benefit on that shopping trip and every other shopping trip they make to YOUR centre.

It's that simple, reward YOUR shoppers for coming to YOUR centre.

When a shopper arrives to your centre, your content will be triggered via a Geo Fence or scanning an image or QR code.
Shoppers can receive offers from retailers and general discounts on car parking, food and beverage and other leisure activities at your centre or partners like BID's
Shoppers can get exclusive invites to special events and activities hosted by your shopping centre.